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Why I Love the Opposition Section

Why I Love the Opposition Section

Our liberal media should start listening and talking more with actual voters instead of relying on data-crunching for polls and analysis. That will eventually change the way Americans think of their government and its role in their lives.

A few hours into the new year, I was asked if I read the news. I responded that it was a stupid question because, frankly, I don’t have time for all of the crap we read and watch every day.

But I said, “I love the opinion section.”

The latest numbers from my favorite news aggregate site — Rasmussen Reports — are that President Trump has a 53 percent to 35 percent approval rating, as compared to 55 percent to 40 percent for the Democrats. For my friends who don’t follow election trends, that means that Trump is at war with the media, the Democrats and everyone who likes the free press America was founded on. Which is why he is such a threat to our republic.

I hope I get more time to comment on my favorite news aggregator site (my two-year-old son was a fan of the same site); but I was thinking about how to handle it a little while ago. I wanted to write about how I always had an optimistic vibe about this country — and how I’m happy to have been proven wrong by it. And I wanted to write about how I think Trump’s election showed that our government had a chance of being better when people had a chance to vote on it.

But I decided the better, more interesting and more important choice would be to write about how the media and its pundits have become a major part of the problem. It may be hard for many readers of Reason to imagine that we’re a news site. But as we know, we really like stories about how the media and politicians behave in the real world: What they say, how many people they reach and the impact it can have on people’s daily lives.

Why wouldn’t the media want people to know that they’re mostly useless for helping to make the world a better place? Look how many polls about Trump’s job approval ratings we’ve had to compile or comment on over the past few weeks. In the

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