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The Future of America

The Future of America

Op-Ed: Gen Z’s pragmatic politics could be a key to ending polarization, economic distress, and the spread of authoritarianism in America

From an elite vantage point, the United States is a remarkably progressive nation. From a bottom-line perspective, the United States is not that progressive. On the whole, it’s conservative. There is a growing awareness in the country that the country is not so progressive as the news media would have us believe. People are moving from one side to the other, but not all sides are equally liberal or conservative. The issue now is how to reach the people who don’t see eye-to-eye with those who do.

We may not be as progressive as some think, but I do not believe that one generation is significantly more conservative than the previous one. My focus is on one generation, and by one generation, I mean America’s young, or Gen X-ers, or Millennials in general. To be fair, Gen Zers, also known as the “millennials,” are not only younger but also more liberal. This generation was born at the time when the baby boomers were retiring and a generation of Gen X-ers was moving into the spotlight. Yet the gap between Gen X-ers and Gen Zers is closing, and I do believe that this generation will have an impact on the way America lives. These young people are the future of the nation, and it’s time for us to wake up to the threat this group poses.

The young have been known to make up a large percentage of the populace but not for long. These are not people who will wait until they are forced into mandatory military service when they are no longer a necessity. The young want to use education and knowledge to change the world, but most will not become the leaders they desire. This is a group of people who will take over the world, and if we do not stop them, then it will be an authoritarian regime.

In my research for the book, I took a look at the most powerful voices in this country. I interviewed more than 130 politicians, scholars, and public figures, including two Republican candidates for President of the United States, one Democrat, and many prominent liberals. They shared their views on the future of America.

The Future of America

One of the most powerful politicians who I interviewed was Rand Paul. Rand Paul is a libertarian who believes all

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