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The Fires Are Coming Under Control

The Fires Are Coming Under Control

‘Starting to look a lot better’: Rain aids Mosquito fire battle, but brings flood, mudflow risk


There was no rain in the forecast, but conditions on the ground were turning for the better, with a number of fires, including a large one in the south-west, starting to come under control.

The smoke from the fires had already covered the sky in many areas, leaving the bushlands dark and smoky grey.

And while fire crews were bringing down the number of fires that were under control, they had not been able to do the same for the flood, mud and sand issues.

These fires have seen an unprecedented number of sparks and hot embers, while the fire danger level remains at a high.

To put that into perspective, there have been 10 days on record this year, where there has been no rainfall at all, while there have been 26 days with measurable rain.

The bushfire has moved south and west, and the rain has arrived in many parts of the state by midday.

The rain is coming in two distinct parts.

It is a wet spring, after the long, cold winter, for many areas of Queensland.

The weather has helped fire crews to turn their attention to the fire front, which is now heading towards the coast rather than the central north, and has also helped keep down the fire danger level.

For now, it is a clear bright day, with the sky completely clear, and the temperatures in the low 20s in many places.

In many places it is almost like it is spring, except for the dryness that dominates.

The rain has been wet in many parts of Queensland, in just two months, and it is the dry conditions that have been the major issue in many areas.

The fires that began last month and have now burned through more than 100,000 hectares, are now starting to burn at a faster pace, and are burning very close to houses.


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