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The Church’s Pastor Was Accused of a Child’s Death

The Church’s Pastor Was Accused of a Child’s Death

Her allegations brought down megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey. Then the anonymous trolls came for her again.

“I would never wish for the death of anybody, but the death of a child was not something I ever had thoughts of doing against anyone,” said Cavey, the pastor of the Cornerstone Bible church in Washington D.C.

On the evening of August 15, 2010, the pastor was with his wife and children, celebrating his birthday. During the evening, Cavey’s wife called him a “good, decent human being” who had “been in a difficult position and was looking for help and support,” according to the complaint. Shortly after, the couple were attacked by a group of seven men who dragged Cavey to a nearby park and beat him so badly that he feared he was going to die. He was hospitalized for four days, where he suffered broken ribs, facial fractures, internal bleeding, a concussion, and a fractured sternum. Cavey’s injuries required months of intensive physical therapy, and he would be left with pain and a permanent limp for the rest of his life.

According to the Christian Post, which made the original investigation, the assaults occurred in front of some 300 people at a Washington D.C. area park in a country setting: a park that was not known to be frequented by tourists. The Christian Post wrote:

When a reporter from the Washington Post contacted the church a month after the alleged attacks, the church and its pastor declined to talk about it, citing unspecified “legal matters.” The Washington Post also contacted the church, but representatives declined to talk about the incident or provide any records about the alleged assaults.

The police took a report and arrested the six men who participated in the attacks. The pastors of the church were told that they would be charged with assault. After months of investigating the incident, police charged three of the six men with assault and one with obstruction of justice (after he refused to identify the man who beat Cavey that night). Police ultimately charged two of the men with assault, and one with obstruction of Justice. Authorities said the men were not convicted in the court, citing a lack of evidence.

The Christian Post went on to write that the pastor “has become the only church leader in the region to

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