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The Church Is Not All Christians

The Church Is Not All Christians

Saluting in Solidarity, or Wherein the Dazzle of the Masses

“Do not speak lightly of God, for he is the living God, the mighty God, the true God, the mighty in deed and in power. In the past he dealt with us in anger and in a mighty act of judgment.” (Romans 1:18-19)

If you’re not familiar with the New Testament, it’s a pretty good way to sum up the gospel as we know it. It’s a simple message of grace and redemption. You may be surprised to find out that this message is not restricted to the church. Indeed, the vast majority of the people who believe in the one true God are already Christians. They’re just not in the church!

The reality is that the church is not all Christians. In fact, the vast majority of Christians in the world today are Christians in name only. They don’t live out that message of grace and redemption. They don’t have a relationship with God, the creator of the heavens and the earth.

What if the Christians in the world who don’t have an authentic relationship with God (even in the church) were to live out the true gospel? What if they were to set aside their petty concerns and focus on serving God? What if they spent some time in the “pulpit” to lead from God’s throne? What if they lived to praise God and share the good news?

The very last thing the church needs right now is more evangelists.

Why do I say that? In addition to helping Christians grow in their faith, the church needs to get off of television and into the pulpit regularly, teaching people the good news of the gospel and living it out. That’s where the people who haven’t received that gospel have been for many years. They’ve lived it out in their own words and in their own ways.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about The New World Society. The reason I’m excited to share what God is doing through the New World Society is that the world needs an honest, Christ-centered church that is not afraid to preach the gospel and to live out the good news in the world.

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