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Los Angeles Bus Workers Strike May Have A Major Impact on Bus Service

Los Angeles Bus Workers Strike May Have A Major Impact on Bus Service

Orange County buses will run on Monday despite maintenance worker strike that started today, but they might be running with the clock at zero

The strike by bus workers from the Teamster union and the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees has gone far enough to have a real impact on travel in the California counties that fall under its jurisdiction.

But there’s a possibility that it will not, at least not right away. Although the strike began on Monday, with its first day of the walkout, the last day of bus service in Los Angeles and Orange County will be Wednesday, according to an update by the Teamsters.


The only bus lines in the city will run on Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, with their schedules up to a month in advance.

But there are several routes that go to other cities, including downtown L.A. and Orange County Transportation Authority buses, which are not subject to the walkout yet.

LA County Transportation officers who are on the job will decide whether to operate the buses on a few routes on Tuesday. The Los Angeles County Transit District, which operates the routes, will decide, subject to a vote Tuesday, whether to run the buses as scheduled.

The strike is not expected to have a major effect on LA’s bus system, which is already on a slight decline.

LAX and the airports

The main routes that will be affected by the walkout are the 5, 110, 210 and 603, and the 210 and 603 both go to Los Angeles International Airport.

The 5 bus line continues to pick up passengers at the Santa Monica station throughout the strike, according to the LAX website.

A 10, 18 and 21 have their routes altered, and both LAX buses are likely to skip stopping at the transit center for the morning commute.

The main LADOT bus routes that have no effect on the strike are the 10, 20, 42, 60, 74 and 101, but the 18 and 21 have stops in the transit center as well.

Bus service on the 210 and 603 might be altered by LADOT service changes that will be made after 9 a.m. Wednesday,

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