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Kevin de León — A Loss of a Neighborhood

Kevin de León — A Loss of a Neighborhood

Letters to the Editor: Why I am telling my neighbors that Kevin de León must resign


I have been a neighbor and friend to Kevin de León for many years.

In 1992, he moved into my neighborhood, after his father had died of cancer. He built a lovely home in a neighborhood with a strong sense of community, and his presence made my friends even closer. People often said that Kevin was a model neighbor, and his house was a constant reminder that the good times could last.

Kevin was a wonderful neighbor and was very supportive of the neighborhood. He did everything he could to make the neighborhood a happy place through his work and in the community. He was very involved in the community and made our neighborhood a better place to live. When he was a student at UC Riverside, he worked as a volunteer at a shelter and had so much love for his community it made him very happy. After graduating with his degree in social sciences, Kevin returned to his home country of Mexico. While in Mexico, he worked as a professor at the University of Puerto Rico and did something he loved, which was to teach the students from all parts of Latin America.

Years later, when he had the opportunity to move back to the United States, he did so in a heart-breaking effort to make his small community a better place. He worked tirelessly and dedicated his life to making our community a better place.

My neighbors said that he was a good father and a kind man whom they would have liked to have more grandchildren. He raised his children as best as he could, and they all had good role models for their lives. Kevin de León loved and cared for his family and was always there for his community and his friends.

Kevin was well known for his intelligence, being very knowledgeable and well-spoken. His family said that he was very loyal to his community and to me. He lived his life in a way that was compassionate and caring. He truly cared about his town. It was a loss for me and my community when he chose to move to the next town, leaving us all behind.

I do not see anything positive in his decision to move out of my community. While he has been very supportive of my community in many ways, he

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