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Jack Harlow’s Most Memorable Moments

Jack Harlow’s Most Memorable Moments

Happy Harloween: See the best moments from Jack Harlow’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance

Jack Harlow has never quite had a bad moment onstage, but if he had, it might have been a little difficult to figure out.

The New York City comedian was a veteran of Saturday Night Live for two decades, and during that time he appeared on the show 14 times, from 2002 through 2015. He’s always been a recurring cast member, which meant he couldn’t get a shot to shine, or maybe at least not one as memorable as his opening monologue from the first episode of the show’s 35th season.

This weekend, Harlow will host the annual Emmys after-party, so we’d best take a few minutes to look back on Harlow’s most memorable moments from his time on SNL.

Harlow was the only cast member to appear in every episode of the show during his run, which made him that rarest of creatures on a show that has so many regulars: a consistently recurring cast member. (You can click ahead to see the full list of cast members here.)

Harlow, who was not a huge success on the show during his original run (he received an overwhelmingly negative response to his monologue from the show’s audience in 2003), won the hearts of fans when he was revived for the 25th anniversary of the program and started performing on tour during that time. The cast and crew were excited to see him again and were thrilled to see him get back on stage.

On his first night on the show, January 19, 2002, Harlow’s opening monologue had the audience a little nervous.

“It’s going to be a good night for “The Daily Show,”” Harlow said at the start of his speech. “Let’s have fun. Let’s have some laughs. The show is a great comedy show. I love it. And I’m going to be here every week.”

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