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“I Just Wanna Dance” Sings “I Just Wanna Dance”

"I Just Wanna Dance" Sings "I Just Wanna Dance"

‘Listen and weep!’ How Grammy-nominated hitmaker The-Dream propelled Beyoncé to even greater heights of fame last year. As the world watched with rapt attention to the Superbowl halftime show (Beyoncé’s first performance onstage), the singer turned her attention to the night’s biggest challenge: bringing together an ensemble of all these talented performers. Beyoncé’s showmanship and infectious energy, combined with the incredible talent on display, took the viewer on a musical journey that was equal parts joyous and inspiring.” — The Huffington Post (8/10/2013)

“The whole thing just felt so big, so powerful, and so full of so many different colors of inspiration, energy and love. So, so many different feelings that were all captured by everyone on the stage, with so much passion in both the words and the music.” — NPR (4/26/2013)

“A triumph over the odds and the expectations. The night was full of a few surprises, but the real story was the unquantifiable things we experienced while watching.”– Entertainment Weekly (10/23/2012)

“It’s been six weeks since the Super Bowl when the “I Just Wanna Dance” singer took the stage, and it was the most memorable thing I’ll see in this life.” — E! Online (6/26/2013)

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