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How Paris Markle Deals With Her Past

How Paris Markle Deals With Her Past

Meghan Markle envied Paris Hilton? Apparently so — and here’s how she got over it.

Markle, who was once described as “the most beautiful person in the world,” was “shocked and deeply hurt” by the recent controversy surrounding her estranged husband, Prince Harry, and the Duchesses.

After all, Markle went to Paris in 2012 and saw the 32-year-old, whose social media presence is nearly a cartoon in its eccentricity and colorful language. She also learned how to dance — with her own husband, who she said tried to teach her a few moves on their wedding night — and met one of the most prominent members of celebrity.

“I feel like me and Paris went through the whole thing,” Markle, who is now 27, told BBC Radio in a phone interview from her New York address. “She seemed like the most social person I’ve ever met. She always made people feel welcomed and I felt welcomed by her. But I don’t think she was surprised by our relationship.”

Markle, who is now 27, has written this week about her experience:

“I was shocked and deeply hurt. I’m not a superficial person and I don’t really talk about other people’s relationships, but I do understand how my reputation has been destroyed. I was not a naive kid and I was very hurt by the perception that I was naive. In the last few weeks, I’ve learned not to judge people by what they do, but by what they are. And I know the perception of me and Harry is unfair and I apologize for any hurt or offense that those words may have caused.

“Paris is a wonderful, amazing woman who I love and adore. I don’t know what she was thinking, but if she thought I was ‘naive’ she was extremely rude. I admire Paris for her career, for the work she puts into the charitable work she does, and for the work she’s still doing. But I think it’s unfair to put all of her past together,” Markle wrote.

Here’s how she has been dealing with her experiences.

How she deals with her own past

After the scandal broke, Markle said she

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