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COVID-19: Durham County Council Takes Precautionary Steps to Protect Residents and Businesses

COVID-19: Durham County Council Takes Precautionary Steps to Protect Residents and Businesses

Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Halton and Durham regions cases.

The Ministry of Health is actively investigating a cluster of cases of coronavirus in Halton Regional Health. An initial case was discovered on April 1 in a Halton Regional Health care facility and a subsequent case was identified on April 11 on a Halton University campus. The total number of cases is currently 14 with 14 health care staff currently under investigation and the community under contact investigation.

NHS staff have been advised to self-isolate if at all possible due to the outbreak, and to protect themselves and their families and household from others who may be infected. NHS services and public transport are also on a reduced service as a result of the outbreak.

Following a decision by Durham County Council to not impose a mandatory lockdown on the county following a meeting on April 13, the council is taking further precautionary steps at this time in order to protect both residents and businesses from the spread of coronavirus.

The County Council works with Durham County Police to provide dedicated patrols on foot, bike and public transport, along with staff, who will continue to wear high levels of personal protective equipment. The County Council will also be taking measures to identify affected businesses and take appropriate measures to ensure that the health and social care supply chain is protected.

Following a meeting on April 13 at the County Hall, the County Council has asked the Ministry of Health to help with identifying and isolating any potential patients who may have contracted COVID-19.

Please note the Ministry of Health is providing technical support and advice to help identify potential cases and the Ministry has advised that all individuals presenting for care in NHS clinical facilities, community facilities and public health departments are asked to contact NHS 111 or call NHS 111 direct on their mobile phone or through their landline (01900 555222, 0800 055222, 0800 552222, from a landline with a payphone call 0800 1111111, from a mobile telephone call 0808 801 0101, from a landline with a payphone call 111 111 111, from a mobile telephone call 0800 055222, from a landline with a payphone call 0800 555

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