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Buy Dodger Stadium Tickets on eBay

Buy Dodger Stadium Tickets on eBay

No Elton John tickets? Here’s how to livestream his final Dodger Stadium concert in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — If you can’t get tickets to Elton John’s two final Dodger Stadium concerts, you might want to consider buying them on eBay.

The two shows, which take place Sunday and Monday, have been sold out since they were announced in 2016. Tickets are still going for upwards of $1,500, but thanks to a glitch in the seller’s database, fans have the chance to buy them — and even livestream them — for only $1.

Here’s how to see them.

Saturday, May 30

Buy tickets

To buy your own tickets on Sunday, click this link or call the Dodgers tickets office at 213-854-3000 to order them. You can also buy tickets on eBay.

A message from the Dodgers: “We invite fans to check back here every month for a new listing of tickets. So please check back every month or so for updated listings when tickets have sold out, are just listed again or when the Dodgers have scheduled or announced special events or fan appreciation evenings.”

Bidding rules

There are some simple rules for how you can bid, starting on the Dodgers homepage (look under “Tickets”).

The bidding system is open to the general public, but only for a limited number of dates. Once you bid on a date, it stays “bought” unless the Dodgers cancel the event.

In other words, once you bid on a date, you can’t re-list it. But you can always list it on eBay and change the date, up to 48 hours before the game, which means you can actually sell it on eBay afterward.

Once you have your tickets, you can either call the Dodgers tickets office at 213-854-3000 or e-mail [email protected].

The Dodgers also put up a “special event” on their website, where you can buy tickets for games that are the result of special community events or other Dodgers events.

Tickets start at $10.

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